Mais notícias d'Além Rio Grande

Outra noticiazinha da Wired:

Bad Samaritan
A 62-year-old retired Florida schoolteacher will likely go to jail for traveling to Iraq as a human shield. To many, Faith Fippinger is a humanitarian, but to the U.S. government she’s a criminal. For three months, she taught in Iraqi schools and worked in hospitals. Back home, a letter from the U.S. Treasury Department informed her that going to Iraq and spending money there breached the U.S. economic embargo. Supporters argue her right to freedom of travel and speech and accuse the Bush administration of making an example of her. “It’s in regimes like Saddam Hussein’s where that freedom is not allowed,” Fippinger said. The U.S. Treasury Department says freedom of speech is a right but breaking the law of the United States is not a privilege.

Estou começando a ficar com vergonha daquelas defesas que fiz dos ideais americanos.

One thought on “Mais notícias d'Além Rio Grande

  1. Esta senhora que atende pelo nome de Democracia Americana detesta tomar banho, mas não admite o desleixo nem sob tortura. Para disfarçar, dá um jeito de se entupir de perfume. Se chegarmos o nariz em sua nuca, porém, conseguimos perceber o bizarro e nauseante cheiro de “perfumaria” misturada com ranço.

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