As voltas que o mundo dá

Da newsletter da Wired:

Bye-Bye, Freedom Fries
Good news for House Francophiles: If Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has her way, lawmakers may soon return to ordering French toast and French fries off House menus. Jackson Lee has circulated a letter urging the House of Representatives to reintroduce the word “French” on House cafeteria and dining hall menus. Jackson Lee argues it is time to put aside differences with France now that Washington is trying to get the country, as well as other United Nations members, to contribute money and troops toward the Iraq effort. “President Bush is now urging that all parties put aside ‘past bickering,'” she said. “A symbolic start to that effort” would be reinstating foods on the House menus “with their traditional ‘American’ names — French toast and French fries.” Bon appétit.

Sheila Lee Jackson é uma mulher pública. Na pior acepção da palavra.

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